Leviathan - A metaphor that reveals latter-day prophecy!

Understanding Leviathan is a study of the connection between a seven-headed sea beast with ten horns that moves from the Old Testament into the last book of the Bible, Revelation. You will study clues that lead to unraveling the mystery behind what our future holds and how Leviathan is used to help others better understand prophecy. Viewing Leviathan as a metaphor now gives those who study prophecy information that has never before been understood. It will be revealed that Leviathan is not an animal or dinosaur, but actually a metaphor that represents  kings and kingdoms; power, pride and evil. By understanding the make-up of Leviathan, which represents seven kingdoms and ten kings, this metaphor begins to give up its mysyery. The last two evil kings in the book of Revelation will also be studied in clearity as they will dominate the world and also learn what lands they come from.

The harlot of Revelation, chapters seventeen and eighteen is supported by the heads of this metaphorical sea beast. Learn why the harlot cannot represent ancient Rome, but actually represents a city that controls the trade of the world. Understand what head of Leviathan returns to destroy the harlot, the great city of trade. 

Richard has studied the book of Revelation for over forty years and draws upon his in-depth knowledge of the last book in the Bible to relate modern day events with the word of the Holy Scriptures, ultimately demonstrating how Leviathan represents kings and kingdoms that have been used against the Jewish nation.

For those who seek answers to many of the most complex spiritual questions, Richard teaches specifically about the truth of Leviathan and the harlot that rides the heads of this sea beast, while also revealing:

  • The kingdom that returns to dominate the world.
  • The obscurity of the last two evil kings in Revelation.
  • The true meaning behind the number "666".
  • Which king will try to make you take the mark of the beast.
  • The ten horns that troubled the prophet Daniel.
  • The destruction of world trade and the rise of a false religion
  • How close judgment is upon mankind.
  • Leviathan is a metaphor that reveals kings and kingdoms.
  • Two dreams in the book of Daniel that reveal Leviathan.
  • The harlot, the great city of trade, mystery Babylon of Revelation.
  • The harlot is destroyed after the gospel is given to all dialects, Rev, 14:6-13.

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